Idaho’s uniform combinations RANKED

Last Monday we all gathered at Martin’s Square in downtown Moscow and Idaho did a quasi fashion show in front of a handful of fans, reporters, the team and this blogger who took a lot of pictures and said ‘fuck yes’ when Paul Petrino told us to buy bowl tickets.

There are a shit ton of combinations, so I ranked them! My opinion is the only one which matters but you are welcome to comment with your disagreements.

#13 – Gold Helmet, Black Top, Gold pants

It’s the classic look we’re used to.


#12 Gold helmet, white top, black tops

I assume this will be one of our road combinations this year. This will be refreshing since the black helmet is no longer around.  It’s simple but doesn’t pop. Unless Kaden Elliss is hitting you. Then it will pop.


#11 – Gold helmet, white top, gold pants

Again probably another road combination. The gold helmet on gold pants makes this a quintessential Vandals look. The black helmets always felt awkward on the road.


#10 – Silver helmet, white top, black pants



#9 – Gold helmet, black top, black pants

We wore this in our season-closing win over Texas State. The black on black looks good with a gold helmet. It was a bit played out with the black helmets over and over again over the last three seasons. I can get used to this for a few home games.


#8 – Silver helmet, black top, black pants 

Okay, this is a SUPER dope spin on the above set. I think this should be the Montana State set.


#7 – Gold helmet, black top, silver pants

WE HAVE SILVER PANTS!!! All of our colors!


#6 Silver helmet, white top, silver pants

Easily our cleanest look for road games.


#5 – Silver helmet, silver top, gold pants

This is the quintessential look showing off all of our colors. This is the look where I’ll say it’s about damn time we went to silver. Like, how the hell did it take this long? Our colors are SILVER AND GOLD. We didn’t even have silver trim. That’s ridiculous. Thank you for finally getting it right.


#4 Gold helmet, silver helmet, black pants 

If you consider black to an official secondary color, then this is definitely the best look that shows off all of our colors.


#3 – Gold helmet, silver top, black pants

(Edit) – Thank you to friend of the blog Bryan Stith for catching an awesome combination that I missed. I’m inserting this just below the silver on silver looks because getting as much gold in there as possible is clearly a good look for us.


#2 – Silver helmets, silver tops, silver pants



#1 – Gold helmet, silver top, silver pants

Silver on silver on silver is going to look dope at first, but it can easily get played out. To me, this is the cleanest look with our new jerseys. The gold numbers on the jerseys pop with the gold helmet. Silver and Gold. This is our look. Go Vandals.




4 responses to “Idaho’s uniform combinations RANKED”

  1. Spacelenin Avatar

    I like the list but I would put 3 at 1, 2 at 3, and 1 at 2


    1. KP Avatar

      Where is gold helmet, white jersey, silver pants?


  2. Jordan Nelson (@jordancda) Avatar

    Sean. This isn’t that hard. How did you get it so wrong?

    (My ranking on left, your number on the right)

    1. – #3
    2. – #1
    3. – #2
    4. – #6
    5. – #13
    6. – #6
    7. – #5
    8. – #11

    And the black pants should never be worn, ever. Ever. Never. Ever. They are atrocius.

    Silver? My goodness. I never thought this day would come. The silver looks amazing. And works so much better with the gold than I thought I would! Love, love, love the Silver and Gold. Makes us seem like an actual unique team with unique colors and not just one more school in a thousand whose color’s don’t include black but insist on using it everywhere for everything all the time.

    Silver and Gold until I die. (And Sounders. Also Sounders ’til I die).


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