Dear readers, friends, random people clicking on this through Twitter, people who don’t like, people who are totally indifferent toward me and every other category of human relation I might be missing:

Welcome to Tubs at the Club 2.0.

Some of you may not even be familiar with Tubs at the Club 1.0, so let me give you a bit of a refresher.

Tubs at the Club was my successful attempt at giving myself closure as a sports journalist. I covered University of Idaho athletics for five years before I packed up from Moscow and moved home to Seattle. I wasn’t done pouring my heart out about this university, so I started this website.

The response has been largely positive and overwhelming. My site has over 27,000 hits since it launched in July and I’ve received props from numerous friends and colleagues in the U of I and journalism communities.

I’m grateful for this. But now, I’m losing my motivation to write and to keep this website updated with content on a regular basis.

So, I decided that I want this website to belong to you now. Tubs at the Club is now a University of Idaho community website.

What this means is you create content at Tubs at the Club. Let me explain a little further.

Who is eligible to create content for Tubs at the Club?

Anybody with any tangible connection to the University of Idaho. A student. An alum. An employee. A lifelong Idahoan. An honorary Vandal whose best friend went to UI and went to visit him in Moscow all the time so you could get drunk at the Club.

What can I write about?

Any damn thing you want. Fuck if I care. I mean, let’s try and keep it connected to the University of Idaho and Moscow, but, this is your website.

This is where things get broad and get fun. Greek life, student life, clubs and activities, if you have an opinion on Chuck Staben’s enrollment plans, if you have an opinion on facilities on campus, if you have an opinion on what the university is doing to reach out to alums around the country.

It can get as deep and serious as you like. If you think (totally hypothetically) UI isn’t doing enough to address diversity, LGBTQ rights, sexual assault on campus … then I want to give you a known platform to address it.

If you have a sports opinion, you and I are gonna talk a little bit about it first but I definitely want to hear it.

Photo galleries. Poems. Independent works of journalism. Stories from the Corner Club. Open letters of appreciation toward the University of Idaho.

Look, I’m just scratching the surface. If you are a creative mind and have content you’d like to share outside of just loading shit up on your Facebook page then by all means please hit me up.

Will I be paid?


This is an important thing I want to address, because Tubs at the Club does not have a revenue stream and I pay for hosting and maintenance out of my own pocket.

Thanks to my only sponsorship deal with Taylor Law & Mediation PLLC in the Treasure Valley, the first five posts on Tubs at the Club will be sponsored by TL&M and will receive $20 per post. After that, content creators will receive $5 per post and will be in line to receive more if potential sponsorship deals roll through.

I know, that’s not a lot of money. It’s what I have available to you. I’m doing what I can and as a journalist myself, I feel like it’s important to give what I can toward the creators of content.

I’m not actively seeking investments but I obviously won’t say no if they come along.

Why Tubs at the Club?

Not to act like I’m the shit, but, Tubs at the Club has become a little bit known around the University of Idaho internetsphere. It’s been given the blessing and encouragement of the Corner Club and it’s browsed upon by U of I journalists, faculty, athletes and more.

I’d like to think I’ve created a platform and I’d like to extend it to you.

Can I write anonymously?

Absolutely. Yes. Your contact form goes directly to my email and our conversations on content will be between you and I and I will post anonymously if you’d like.

However, I’d prefer to be able to display authors and give them credit for their work. But pen names totally work as well.

Will you still write expletive-filled hot takes about Vandal sports?


How I do I reach out to write?

Go ahead and reach out to me here to discuss content you’d like to post. You can also reach out directly via email at 

If you’re Facebook friends with me, hit me up there. Or Twitter works well at @SKramerwrites or @Tubsattheclub.

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