University of Idaho alum recalls North Idaho’s ugly past with white supremacy

The events in Virginia this week seems to have shaken us all, spurred debate and for some revealed the ugly truth about the lingering nature of Neo-Nazi and white supremacist sentiment in our country today.

North Idaho has its own history with white supremacy, lasting decades and still having small semblances of an ugly legacy among residents in the area.

The Aryan Nations moved into Coeur d’Alene, Idaho — about 90 minutes north of the University of Idaho —  in the 1970s and remained a presence in the area for the better part of three decades. The Aryan Nations compound was dismantled in 2000.

University of Idaho alumnus and Coeur d’Alene-area native Bernie Wilson was with the Associated Press in the 1980s, and shared his thoughts and memories on white supremacy in the Northwest region.

Bernie has since moved on to being a sports reporter for the AP and was kind enough to allow me to share his story with you on my website.


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