The Boise Junior College rivalry is still alive, and so is the hate

Boise Junior College is finally returning to the Kibbie Dome for a football game.

Erhm, fútbol.

You see, Boise Junior College Emperor Bob Kustra and his Galactic Senate members on the state board of education are too stubborn to do the right thing and renew the Governor’s Cup matchup of the gridiron, last played between the two teams in 2010 in Moscow.

But there’s still footie, the only sport in which Boise State will send its athletic programs up to the Nasty, Inebriated great north of Moscow since the two schools ceased being conference mates in 2011.

You see, this game will take place in the Kibbie Dome, and will be the first NCAA women’s soccer game ever played indoors. It marks the start of the Kibbie Dome era for the back-to-back Big Sky regular season champions, ending the Guy Wicks Field era during our 20th season with a – very accomplished – women’s soccer program.

Why should you care? Because Fuck Boise State, that’s why. It doesn’t matter which sport we play them in, it just matters that we win. And if you don’t think our exceptional female athletes hate BJC, think again.

Elexis Schlossarek is a former Vandal who spent five years on the Idaho soccer team.  The Canadian import has some pretty strong opinions of Idaho’s rival to the south.

I don’t really know too much about Boise State, I just knew to hate them.  That’s what was passed down to me.

When I first came to Idaho I had a pair of runners and they were blue and orange.  I wore them out one day and I got ripped on by everyone on campus telling me that I wasn’t allowed to wear them because they were Boise State colors.

I didn’t get that, I didn’t know why that mattered.

But they told me “we hate Boise State,” so I threw them out.

That’s how committed I was to hating Boise State.

Two years ago, when we played them and they beat us 1-0, they called themselves the Kings of Idaho.  That was a slap in the face to us, so we went down there last year with that incentive to basically say “fuck you.”  We went down there and beat them and basically shoved it in their face because they had been in our face about it for two full years.

It was so satisfying.

Watch out, Idaho’s here to kick your ass Boise.

And Boise isn’t a state.

In or around Moscow this weekend?  You won’t want to miss Idaho take on the BJC on Friday night in the Dome

The flagship University of Idaho women’s soccer team is currently 1-1 on the season.

Go Vandals.


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  1. DanieChazz Avatar

    WHO DO WE HATE?!?!?! 🤣🤣🤣🐴🐴🐴💪💪💪💪


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