The Club Fun Bus

There is one positive to the recent Idaho State Board of Education’s incompetent decision to disallow the consumption of alcohol on university premises on game days, essentially eliminating tailgating.

A Corner Club tradition is returning.

Say hello to the Fun Bus. The Corner Club will shuttle patrons from the Main Street bar to the Kibbie Dome on game days, allowing fans to still pre-funk while safely making it to and from the games.

Owner Marc Trivelpiece always wanted to bring back this Club tradition, and the State Board gave him the perfect reason to do so.

“I’ve always been looking at a bus and actually when College Cabs got out of the party bus business and I ended up buying one of their buses,” Trivelpiece said. “The potential for the SBOE to not allow tailgating was the extra push over the top but it was always something that was in the back of my mind.”

There’ll be a few rules to board the bus, which will shuttle to the Dome before games, at halftime (and back prior to the third quarter) and after games.

First, buy something. Details on what exactly will grant admission on the bus are still being finalized. It could be a stamp after buying a drink, or a tub chip. Stay tuned.

Secondly, don’t be an asshole. (Translation: You don’t need three shots of Jameson in a row, bro. It’s called pacing yourself).

Thirdly, 21 years of age or older. You should know how this works by now.

Trivelpiece is also planning a run to Pullman for the 11 a.m. game at Washington State on Sep. 17. So, you know, show some damn appreciation. He’ll be piloting the Fun Bus himself for the first few weeks.

“They’re pretty happy about it,” Trivelpiece said of Club fans. “I think that it will probably take half of the season to catch on. By Homecoming it’ll be pretty well known.”

Any further questions? Just give Marc a call at The Club, (208)-882-2915, or Twitter him.