Meet the team of Tubs at the Club

Sean Kramer – Class of 2014

Founder, web editor

With a laptop and a tub of Rainier, Sean gave life to Tubs at the Club at the Corner Club in the summer of 2016.

Chris Hammond – 2015

Podfather, club card day expert

The man on the mic, Chris Hammond is the mastermind behind all things Tubs at the Club Podcast, from the amazing guests to the live streams.

Marten Hiemstra – 2017

Women’s sports expert, pod and web contributor, band babe

In heaven there is no beer, so that’s why we drink it at Tubs at the Club. Marten’s time spent playing the stage at Memorial Gym and Kibbie Dome halftime shows makes him the perfect member of our team.

Brian Marceau – 2010, 2013 (M.Ed.)

Men’s basketball expert, pod and web contributor, stats maestro

A fanatic of Vandal basketball, the man with the numbers and the Tubs at the Club team member who will always tell it like it is.

Alex Boatman – 2018

Pod contributor, tubs at the club special teams coordinator

You ever wonder why Austin Rehkow never missed, or why his punts would always end up in Potlatch? Because of the man snapping the ball to him, duh. Now he’s snapping us the best takes and tidbits at Tubs at the Club.

Dallas Hammer – 2013

Pod producer, web contributor, og supporter

Dallas has been a part of this thing from day one as a supporter, so it only makes sense to bring on his expertise to help produce the No. 1 fan-made Vandal content machine.