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  • Tubs from Taiwan: There’s a first time for everything, don’t look away now

    Jason Eck left one of the best assistant coaching jobs in the FCS because he wanted to experience firsts. His first head coaching job, the first program that was truly all his for him to build from the grand up, the first chance for him to establish himself as an FCS household name. These firsts […]

  • Vandals Take Uppercut But Remain in Playoff Mix

    Forget all about Washington State and Indiana—the real litmus test for Idaho was Saturday’s showdown with No. 2 Sacramento State. To be fair, there were certainly some moral victories for the Vandals when they pushed their Palouse neighbor to the brink of an upset at Martin Stadium and cruised to a double-digit halftime lead on […]

  • Tubs from Taiwan: A little piece of home

    Vandals are truly different. I’ve never been more happy to cut a check in my life, and thanks to you incredible Idaho fans, I am proud to have donated $85 to the University of Idaho football program last week. Honestly speaking, I was hoping just to get nine or 10 people replying to me. I’m […]

  • An open letter to Idaho head football coach Jason Eck, from Tubs at the Club founder Sean Kramer

    An open letter to Idaho head football coach Jason Eck, from Tubs at the Club founder Sean Kramer

    Hey coach! Let me be the one millionth person to welcome you back to the University of Idaho. At the very second I’m sitting down to write this, you’re probably enjoying your very first tub as head football coach of the University of Idaho Vandals. You just posted this on Twitter, and while these thoughts […]

  • Big Damm Preview: Game 7 – Little Brown Stein

    In solidarity with Tubs sources that believe the coaching staff has lost the locker room (if that wasn’t obvious enough after losing by 50 to a conference opponent), I, Producer Dammer, have quit on the Big Damm Preview until a change is made with the direction of the football program. See you all next season […]