Tag: Aundre Carter

  • Vandal 2-Deeps to Start Camp

    Vandal 2-Deeps to Start Camp

    This how I view the 2-deep if the season started today instead of training camp. This was put together with things we have heard from folks close to program, things Coach Petrino said at media days and a bit of the eye test from last year. QB Seems like somethings in life are certain. As…

  • Goal To Go: Northern Colorado

    Goal To Go: Northern Colorado

    Welcome to 1st & goal. A new series where I will give my 4 things to watch, know or expect for the Vandals upcoming game and a score prediction. 1st Down – Road Woes Social media off, newspapers shredded and flip phones closed. We did it, we upset the #11 team in the country last…

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