Tubs at the Club Podcast: President Scott Green

Guys, it’s been quite a while since we’ve had a President on campus which we’ve been absolutely excited about. Scott Green is here to end this existential crisis. A Moscow native, a Vandal, a proud Idahoan, the top man at the university himself joins the Tubs at the Club crew to discuss his pride in being at the Flagship university in the state of Idaho, its past and what we have planned for the future.

On the mic: Chris Hammond, Alex the Boat Man Boatman
Release date: Dec. 25, 2020

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Explaining Idaho to the Big Sky with rap music, plus analysis or whatever

Below is about 800 words analyzing the reason I think Idaho decided so hastily and definitively to put football in the Big Sky.

For the tl;dr crowd please refer to this Lil’ Dicky video that does a better job of explaining it than my post.

The character key below the video will help you make better sense of it:

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