It’s a Washington State fan’s turn to deal with Idaho awkwardness

Tubs at the Club is still in its infancy and I’ve already suckered somebody into writing something for me.

Meet Korbin McDonald. Korbin was my successor at Vandal Nation, the student-run Idaho sports blog I managed from 2012-14. Korbin was great. He was better than me, honestly. He only has one – majorly annoying – flaw.

Korbin loves him some Washington State football. I asked him to write about his dilemma as the school he attended faces off against the school he was literally raised to love.

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Well, this is awkward

By Korbin McDonald


Fandom can be a fickle beast. Not for me, though. I’m as loyal as they come —especially when it comes to my favorite teams.

I’m a lifelong Washington State fan. It seems like my whole family went to WSU. Grandpa, grandma, father, sister — all Cougs. My first words were “Go Cougs.”

I was there for the magical 1997 Rose Bowl season. I was there for the 51-3 drubbing UW gave WSU at the 2000 Apple Cup — I sat through it all. I was at the 1997 and 2003 Rose Bowls. I was at the Holiday Bowl where the Cougs came from behind to upset Texas.

Sunshine, rain or snow, I’ve endured it all to watch my Cougs play. It didn’t matter what the score was, I never left until the final whistle blew and the clock hit zero.

I’m a Coug … well, at least that was the plan.998136_10200178057350697_1324049616_n

A few years of community college happened, and I was ready to apply to Washington State and fulfill my lifelong dream of attending the school so many of my family members did.

However, life happened and plans changed.

A few years ago, my father, the man responsible for me becoming such a big Coug fan, had an interview for a job at the University of Idaho. One of the perks of him getting the job was his children could attend the school and receive half off tuition.

He got the job.

You’d think my decision would be hard — go to my dream school or go to a University for half price.

14311443_10207262729423071_5912539446799902818_oI’m not an idiot. I chose Idaho.

To this day, it was the best decision I have ever made.

The University of Idaho changed my life.

From the Journalism and Mass Media department to the Argonaut, my experience at Idaho was nothing but positive. I had opportunities I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else — even at WSU. I got to cover golf (my favorite sport), and the two money sports football and men’s basketball. I ran the sport’s website, and even won a national award for it.

(Ed note: We beat out Harvard for the national award).

So when it comes to my rooting interest for this weekend’s “Battle of the Palouse,” you’d think I’d go with the school that changed my life, right? ….

Sorry my fellow Vandals, old habits die hard.

Go Cougs.

(Drops mic)


2 responses to “It’s a Washington State fan’s turn to deal with Idaho awkwardness”

  1. Rick Avatar

    Haha, I have the same problem. I’m a long time professor at UI and I *love love love* the thousands of students I’ve known here. I might have enjoyed other aspects of the job more at other universities – Idaho the state has its problems when it comes to education – but I sincerely doubt I would have enjoyed half the relationships I’ve had with UI students. Love these Vandals but I don’t feel right in The Club.

    I tell my students every year, “I hope you graduate with the same love for your alma mater as I have for mine.”

    Go Cougs.


  2. Idaho’s breakthrough season more than just football for me, kind of. – Tubs at The Club Avatar

    […] It’s a Washington State fan’s turn to deal with Idaho awkwardness. Idaho’s biggest loss happened after the game. […]


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