Jersey prediction – Week Four at UNLV

Photo by Spencer Farrin

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Friday update: Mike wins with his prediction of gold helmets and black pants to go with the white tops.

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You may have heard, but Idaho’s choice for jerseys at Washington State put me at a three-for-three clip in predicting jerseys the Vandals are going to wear this season. Two road games made it easy-ish.

Now it’s going to get a little tough, so I decided to give everybody a little bit of a chance to match my greatness.

We’ll start with Mike’s prediction, whose idea this post was:

Gold helmets, white jerseys, black pants

Mike thinks we’re going to constantly change up the colors, but stick with whites on the road. Black pants it is, and gold helmets for a third time this year.


Next is Theo Lawson:

Theo just said he thinks it’s going to be a silver jersey. Idaho has gone two weeks of white tops and Theo noted he hasn’t seen black on the road yet. I’ll peg him in for silver, silver, gold. Because, the gold helmet option of this HAS to be saved for a home game, and silver on silver jerseys have been exhausted.


Marc Trivelpiece, owner of the namesake of this blog, thinks we’re going to go for it though:


Bold pick, Cotton. Let’s see how it pays off.


Spencer Farrin, currently a Wazzu employee whose heart will always belong to the Silver and Gold, predicts a mesh.

Gold, white, silver

I actually can’t find a picture of this. We’ve worn white on silver at UW, but we had silver helmets. So you’ll have to imagine a gold helmet here. 


And, finally, SEAN KRAMER:

Silver, white, black

Actually, former Vandal Nation managers think alike, because Idaho-Press Tribune stringer Josh Grissom has the same pick as me.

I really think gold helmets are a possibility too, but I think we’ll alternate helmets week by week this year. White tops makes sense, but if we stick with white on the road we may have to wear a combination more than once. That will probably be silver, white, silver some time down the road in Sun Belt play. For now, we sport the blacks for the first time this year.



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