Goal To Go: Weber State

Welcome to Goal & Go. A new series where I will give my 4 things to watch, know or expect for the Vandals upcoming game and a score prediction.

1st Down: Dome Sweet Dome

The Vandals have been white hot at home since returning to the FCS. They have only dropped 1 in 8 tries to a rival in Montana last year when the season was over. In that time they have knocked off two FCS Stats top 25 teams in #11 Eastern Washington (2019) and #24 North Dakota (2018).

This is with most of the fan base oblivious to the fact that they are missing incredible games by staying in Boise, Coeur D’ Alene, Seattle Etc. Which will most likely be the case again this week.

In the Dome this team plays like the team we wanted them to be in the FCS. Can we add one more top 25 scalp?

2nd Down: Looking In The Mirror with Rose Glasses

Weber State and Idaho are almost the same team. Both rely on super athletic defenses, love to hand it off to the halfbacks.

The stats don’t show it thanks to Penn State. But these defenses are very similar. But we are fooling ourselves if we think Idaho’s is better. They may have better athletes, but Weber’s defense held two FBS teams to 25 COMBINED points. Idaho against two FBS teams gave up 100!

Good news, actually shocking news Idaho’s offense is significantly better then Weber’s….

Passing TD’s: Idaho-7 Weber-4

Rushing TD’s: Idaho-8 Weber -5

Total Yards- Idaho 1906 Weber 1033

*Idaho does have one more game played

3rd Down: Two QB’s

Weber has used two guys at Quarterback this season. Junior Jake Constantine and Sophomore Kaden Jenks.

Constantine was the guy to start the year but after getting dinged up coach Jay Hill made the switch. He may not look back Jenks only has 3 more pass attempts but has thrown 2 more touchdowns for almost 70 more yards.

All this but they don’t really rely on the QB’s. Combined they only have thrown 111 passes, completed 60 for 577 yards. They also don’t turn the ball over, they combined have less interceptions then Mason Petrino threw just last week.

Despite that…. I’ll still take Petrino over Webers Woe-some Twosome

4th down: Season On The Line?

This is a statement game! You beat Eastern and were upset to not receive top 25 votes. Then you lose to Northern Colorado and everyone hoped off the wagon.

Well a win over #4 Ranked Weber State would rejuvenate the fan base. Win here you are back in Top 25 discussion, if not ranked in the 22-25 range. Plus, with Eastern back in the top 25, it would mean two Division 1 wins vs top 15 opponents. That would be quite the resume.

After this week we will be halfway through the season. Meaning only 6 more chances to reach the minimum number of 7 Division 1 wins to be considered for the playoffs. That would mean with a loss here, we would have to win out and hope teams like Sacramento, Montana & Idaho State are as good as they are being hyped to be.

With a win this week you give yourself for a one more slip up down the stretch. But we are running on prayers now. If we win this week it could spark an unprecedented run.

Doesn’t 9-3 sound Good!


Chris: Idaho 21 Weber 19

TJ: Idaho 31 Weber 30

Brian: Weber State 24 Idaho 13

Alex: Weber State 20 Idaho 10





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