Black Lives Matter: A statement from Sean Kramer

Tubs at the Club is a website created and operated by white men. This isn’t by design, but it is the current makeup of our team. So, we may not always have the right thing to say on issues like these. But, we do have a responsibility to have these conversations. 

The recent unrest in our country has been troubling, eye-opening, and humbling to follow. The tragic killing of George Floyd is just one of the latest examples of the frustrating and unacceptable history of police violence in the United States. Protestors all around the United States are bringing up decades and centuries of frustration to the surface, and it’s our job as a community to listen. 

We want our communities to be safe for everybody, and we do not want violence. This starts with supporting the peaceful protests.

The black community is an invaluable part of the University of Idaho, including the athletics programs we support so fervently on this website. It doesn’t feel right to cheer for them on weekends if we are going to ignore their voices when they leave campus.

It’s not enough anymore to just proclaim to not be racist. We need to be active. We need to support the voices of those standing up to end systemic racism. We need to call out racism when we see it. We need to listen to black voices in our country asking for police accountability. 

Tubs at the Club is a platform for all in the University of Idaho community and this is a conversation we want to have. Please contact us if you would like to tell your story and give your thoughts on this issue.

Black Lives Matter.

– Sean Kramer

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