Big Damm Preview: Game 7 – Little Brown Stein

In solidarity with Tubs sources that believe the coaching staff has lost the locker room (if that wasn’t obvious enough after losing by 50 to a conference opponent), I, Producer Dammer, have quit on the Big Damm Preview until a change is made with the direction of the football program. See you all next season (I hope.)

I take the time to do these silly articles and sillier drawings out of the passion and love I have for the University of Idaho and everything it has given to me. The rumors Tubs hears about the internal state of the football program sadden and sicken me. I am not a donor with enough sway to influence the athletic department, so this is my own little way of making my voice heard.

Please continue to donate to this great university in support of the student-athletes. I will be donating to the I.D.A.H.O. campaign next week after my billing/shipping address changes Monday, thank you to all on Twitter who rightly talked me down from my rage. Shout-out to Taylor Cash, who discovered you can donate “In Honor” of whatever you may like. Find him on the donor wall.

Hopefully, there will soon come a day where all Vandals can be proud of the entire football program: not just proud of the young men that are or have been a part of it, but the staff, their behavior, and the on-field results as well.

Go Vandals, today, tomorrow, forever.

[editor’s note: The views expressed in this article are those of Mr. Hammer, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Tubs at the Club.]

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