Tubs from Taiwan: Putting my money where your butt is

Imagine your last tub at the Club of fresh Vitamin R was so long ago that you can’t even remember the feeling. Wrapping your hand around the giant tub, the cold, crisp feel of the freshly poured Rainier hitting your tongue …  

You know what’s depressing? I can hardly even remember the last time I walked in to the Corner Club in the first place, and it’s been far longer since I’ve been at the Kibbie Dome.

I haven’t been to an Idaho football game at the Kibbie Dome since 2017. You know, making a weekend trip to Moscow is a bit more of a commitment for me, it’d be roughly an 18-hour trip costing about $2000 and one extremely angry girlfriend waiting for me upon my return.

But you? Oh you, dear reader, will have a much easier time getting your ass to the Dome to give Jason Eck and the boys all the support they have earned by staring down back-to-back Power Five teams and throwing multiple punches.

Not a single sane human being could watch those two football games and not be beyond excited to see what these Vandals are going to do to a football team down on our level. Seriously. Are we finally going to see the football we were promised when we joined the Big Sky in the first place? It’s pretty clear this is the week we are going to see, at home, the football that’ll make us say “Hell yeah, we’re gonna be a problem in the Big Sky.” 

There’s no doubt in anybody’s mind a home debut victory for Jason Eck is forthcoming, and you’re going to want to be there. 

So, I’ll tell you what. I’ll put my money where my mouth is, and I’ll put my money where your ass is going to be: The Kibbie Dome. 

Here’s what you need to do. Go to this Tweet, and send me your photos or videos showing me that you will be at the Dome this season. Send me your tailgate or caravan setup, your Vandal outfits, the view from your seats this year, anything you can think of that tells me you’re doing your part this year. 

For each response I get, I’ll donate $5 to the Vandal Scholarship Fund next week. No cap. Not limits. I’m going to do my part if you do yours. 

Get to the Dome. Show these guys all the support they deserve. We’ve been waiting years for this football team. 

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