Tubs At The Club

Officially speaking, the Kibbie Dome is the home of Vandals athletics. Officially speaking, allow me to disagree.

The Corner Club is the home of University of Idaho sports.

A concrete bar nestled on a corner on Main Street in downtown Moscow, every corner of the bar is filled with Idaho memorabilia. Jerseys, autographed portraits, a trophy case with helmets and even bowl championship rings.

It’s where Robb Akey sang the fight song after a Homecoming win, where the Sound of Idaho rolls through a packed bar on a Saturday night to play the fight song, where Mike Iupati comes during his bye weeks to slap his card on the bar and say that all tubs are on him.

Vandal sports live at The Club. It’s where I built this site, where I am launching this site and what I am naming this site after.

The first iteration of this website was me giving myself a way to prolong my sports writing career, giving you my hot takes and opinions. I’ll keep all of my archived posts.

The new iteration of this website is whatever you want it to be. This is a website about the University of Idaho … any facets of it. It can be about Greek Life. It can be about Moscow. It can be about student life. It can be about sports, if you think you disagree with some of my hot takes!

You can read more here.

Welcome, friends, to Tubs at the Club.

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