• Vandals Serve Up “Moscow Special” to Visiting Vikes

    Vandals Serve Up “Moscow Special” to Visiting Vikes

    There’s little doubt Jason Eck would be the life of the party in Vegas. In his first year of head coaching duties, the Idaho skipper has shown a tendency to roll the dice in pivotal moments—including a surprise onside kick in last weekend’s matchup with third-ranked Montana that completely swung the momentum during his team’s […]

  • Tubs from Taiwan: Make no mistake, that’s my Quarterback

    Tubs from Taiwan: Make no mistake, that’s my Quarterback

    The best seat in the house at Washington-Grizzly Stadium for Gevani McCoy was on his ass. McCoy was dragged to the turf on both of his beautiful longball touchdowns – One to strike back right before the half and the next to give the Vandals an unbelievable two-score lead. Montana fans must have thought a […]

  • The Big Sky “bullies” are back

    There were a handful of plays you could point to as the defining moment of Idaho’s road upset over No. 3 Montana. Many would point to Paul Moala’s interception late in the fourth quarter as the Griz were threatening deep in Vandal territory, or teammate Tommy McCormick’s similar snag just minutes later to seal the […]

  • Tubs from Taiwan: Time for arrogance

    At the University of Idaho, we know where we belong. It’s at the top. My favorite thing about our drop down in 2018 was the way opposing fans scoffed at our expectations of immediate success. Those critics projected a strange picture upon us of an entitled fanbase thinking we’d wipe the floor with the competition […]

  • Tubs from Taiwan: A little piece of home

    Vandals are truly different. I’ve never been more happy to cut a check in my life, and thanks to you incredible Idaho fans, I am proud to have donated $85 to the University of Idaho football program last week. Honestly speaking, I was hoping just to get nine or 10 people replying to me. I’m […]